Broots: I’m having a breakdown here.
Jarod: Shut up and let me think.
Broots: Ah, think. You know what I think? I think I need to check into a clinic. Wouldn’t that be a laugh? What clinic would I check into? The minute I tell them the truth about my world, they’d be convinced I was crazy. Where are we going?
Jarod: The opera.
Broots: The opera? I hate the opera. There’s no hotdogs, there’s no popcorn.
Jarod: Shut. Up.
Broots: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. When I’m nervous I talk and right now I have a lot to be nervous about. First there’s the explosion in the DC Underground, then there’s Miss Parker seeing visions. Then there’s Mr. Raines getting murdered and then un-murdered. And then Lyle, who used to not have a thumb, getting a thumb and Mr. Raines, who had a thumb, losing his thumb to Mr. Lyle. And then finding out that not only one Pretender escaped from the Centre—No! Three of them did! And then trying to locate a live psychiatrist, only to find a dead doc. And being arrested by a guy who’s not really a federal agent. Oh and while we’re at it, why don’t we just throw Mr. Parker into the mix?
Jarod: What about Mr. Parker?
Broots: Well, he was kidnapped.
Jarod: Kidnapped?
Broots: Yeah, by the guy, Alex—the other Pretender.
Jarod: I’m letting you off here.
Broots: What?
Jarod: Get out!
Broots: Why? OK.
Jarod: Get out!
Broots: I’m having a breakdown here. 


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